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Wada Na Todo Abhiyan (Don't break your promise) is a national campaign of 3500 CSOs to hold the government accountable for its promise to end Poverty, Social Exclusion & Discrimination. Wada Na Todo Abhiyan emerged from the consensus among human rights activists and social action groups who were part of the World Social Forum 2004 (Mumbai), aimed to create an environment through forceful, focused and concerted effort and try to make a difference in India where one-fourth of the world poor exist and they continuously experience intense deprivation from opportunities to learn, live and work in dignity.

WNTA actively monitors the promises made by the government to meet the objectives set in the UN Millennium Declaration (2000), the National Development Goals and now the Sustainable Development Goals-2030 with a special focus on the Right to Livelihood, Health & Education. We work to ensure that the concerns and aspirations of the socially excluded communities (SECs) Dalits, Adivasis, Nomadic Tribes, Women, Children, Youth and the Persons with Disabilities are mainstreamed across programmes, policies and development goals of the central and state governments. It also reviews the performance of the government and prepares people's manifesto.

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Tel: +91-11-46082371

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