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Wada Na Todo Abhiyan is a national campaign to hold the government accountable to its promise to end Poverty, Social Exclusion & Discrimination.
Wada Na Todo Abhiyan emerged from the consensus among human rights activists and social action groups who were part of the World Social Forum 2004 (Mumbai) on the need for a forceful, focused and concerted effort to make a difference to the fact that one-fourth of the world's poor live in India, and continue to experience intense deprivation from opportunities to learn, live and work
in dignity.
We aim to do this by monitoring the promises made by the government to meet the objectives set in the UN Millennium Declaration (2000), the National Development Goals and the National Common Minimum Program (2004-09) with a special focus on the Right to Liveihood, Health & Education.
We work to ensure that the concerns and aspirations of Dalits, Adivasis, Nomadic Tribes, Women, Children, Youth and the Differently Abled are mainstreamed across programs, policies and development goals of the central and state governments.
Some Initiatives (2008 to 2009):
All India Peoples Manifesto (2009)
National Consultation on Role of Civil Society in the Eleventh Five Year Plan (2008 onwards)
National Consultation on the Forests Rights Act
Panel Discussions on SSA and Right to Education
NREGA and the Right to work
NRHM and Right to Health
(2008 onwards)
Radio program on National Development Goals “Haq Hamara, Wada Tumara” (2008 onwards)
Annual Civil Society Review on the National Common Minimum Programme(2004-2008)
Wada Na Todo is Affiliated to Global Call To Action Against Poverty Millennium Campaign
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