Millenium Development Goals

The Global Context – A Time for Change

The Millennium Development Goals, derived from the UN Millennium Declaration, have dominated the global development discourse since its inception in 2003. The framework of eight goals and associated targets has contributed significantly to shaping the policy and program initiatives at the national and regional levels, and has played a crucial role in putting the agenda of poverty at the heart of the development discourse in the last decade.On the other hand, academics and practitioners have also pointed to the disadvantages of generalizations that have been promoted with regard to ‘on track’ and ‘off track’ countries which do not reflect sufficient attention to disaggregated data and unequal starting points with regard fiscal and policy efforts while measuring progress across countries. The seeming failure of MDGs to address the structural causes of poverty, its insufficient attention to issues of human rights, gender justice, social equity and climate change and its assertion as an essentially neo-liberal, market led response to poverty – have also been pointed out as fundamental flaws by other stakeholders in the global development discourse.

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