NREGA and the Right to Work Part I – Haq Hamara Wada Tumara

Listen to the 3rd episode of Haq Hamara, Wada Tumara on NREGA and the Right to Work. In this Episode Nitin Chandra, Director of NREGA and Nikhil Dey from Majdur Kisan Suraksha Sanghathan discuss on the progress and challenges towards the implementation of NREGA. This theme is being conducted in two parts where the 4th episode will focus on the activities being conducted in other different states.

Nine is Mine- Haq Hamara Wada Tumara

This episode focuses on the Nine is Mine campaign of Wada Na Todo Abhiyan. It is a reminder to the govt. of its promise to allocate 6% of the GDP to public expenditure on Education, and 3% of the GDP to public expenditure on Health. Currently public expenditure on Education stands near 3% of the GDP, and public expenditure on Health is so meager – even less than 1%! We want every child of India to know, that “9% of the GDP belongs to us!”, because Health and Education is the basic right of every child, every family. And we ask for your support, your assurance that Our Future is India’s first priority!

MDGs and Stand UP Against Poverty – Haq Hamara Wada Tumara

A radio program on the policy promises of the government and related civil society initiatives titled, ‘Wada Na Todo’ is being launched as part of the global mobilizations around ‘World
Anti-Poverty Day’ (Oct 17th). It was aired from 1630 – 1800 hrs (IST) on AIR FM Rainbow (102.6). The program is a joint initiative of Wada Na Todo Abhiyan and One World South Asia. The first episode focuses on the promise to meet the Millennium Development Goals and the outcomes of the recently held UN MDG Summit. The title track written, sung and composed by young friends of the Abhiyan from Darjeeling is an added attraction. Do tune in to listen and share your experiences on the wide range of policy issues that will be covered.