Community Level Conversation with Marginalize Communities

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WNTA organized Community Level Conversation amongst 10 Social Groups/Communities in seven states namely Jharkhand, Andra Pradesh, Delhi, Mumbai, Rajasthan, West Bengal and Kerala amongst social groups namely, Tribals, Dalit, Religious Minorities, Youth, Labour, Migrants, LGBT, Women & Girls, Commercial Sex workers and Fishing Community. Community Level Conversation was conducted followed by the online survey with an aim to collected voices of the marginalized communities in the forms issues, challenges and the gaps due to which they face problem in their daily lives. The online survey was intended to know what are the priority areas for the community level conversation and the recommendations of the online survey was taken care and taken forward to the community level conversation.

The objectives of the community level conversations were;

  • To identify the priorities of the group and its relation / reflection in the SDGs.
  • To identify the issue and concerns of the socially excluded groups/communities in context of SDGs
  • To identify the gaps and challenges (social, economic and political) for the community to achieve the SDGs.
  • To Assess/analyse the existing approaches and to identify the best practices.
  • To set indicators to measure the extent to which the targets within the goals are being reached.
  • To draw recommendations and to draft proposed interventions.

Presentation by youth from Rural Areas Discussion with Youth from Informal Settlement

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Brief Report [Download]

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