100 Days Against Discrimination

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Independence to Constitution

Join us from 15th August to 26th November 2018


Eliminate all forms of discrimination!                       Uphold Constitutional Values!!


“Political democracy cannot last unless there lies at the base of it social democracy. What does social democracy mean? It means a way of life which recognizes liberty, equality, and fraternity as the principles of life.
Dr. B. R. Ambedkar


Non Discrimination is the foundational value of republic of India and the Constitution prohibits all forms of discrimination based on caste, race, religion, sex, and place of birth/origin (Art 15(1).India is the signatory to many global treaties where non-discrimination is recognized as the core principle to be upheld and practiced.

Yet stark realities of discrimination based on identity and various other characteristics remind us every day how far away we are from India envisaged by the Constitution. Various studies/research, on ground experiences, indicate that millions of children are denied equitable quality education due to discrimination, National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) records thousands of atrocities against women from SC/ST and other marginalised communities every year.  Discrimination against religious and regional minorities, language groups and related violence are reported regularly. The ‘criminal’ tag continues to hound the nomadic and de-notified communities. Children and persons with disability face discrimination every minute of their lives.

Discrimination in access to public services and development measures prevents equal opportunities and equitable development for the marginalised communities. Discrimination in education and healthcare, discrimination in budget provisions and implementation, discrimination by service providers and duty bearers are widely prevalent. No doubt that discrimination is widely prevalent and prevents India from its rightful development and recognition in the global sphere.


The “100 days against discrimination” is a campaign to bring to notice and visualize how non-discrimination is a fundamental principle and premise of independent India and urge us to give it practical ideas and implementation.


The campaign is conceived and initiated by the following four bodies and we urge you to strengthen it in whatever capacity you can.

National Youth Equity Forum (NYEF) is a forum of young people particularly from marginalised communities,

National Dalit Movement for Justice (NDMJ),

National Coalition on Education (NCE)

Wada Na Todo Abhiyan (WNTA)


The campaign joins two important events that shaped our nation – independence and constitution. The campaign is envisaged to involve online communities through various social media to learn about the laws, policies and how the constitution of India upholds the values of non-discrimination as an Idea of India.


The Campaign Aims:

  1. To engage people across communities to build awareness around the values and principles of non-discrimination through the lens of the constitution of India and relevant laws, policies etc.
  2. To facilitate communities to speak up and act against any forms of discrimination and sign up the online pledge to act against any forms of discrimination.
  3. Involve youth (on the ground as well as online) to become “ambassadors for non-discrimination” by joining the campaign and involve many other youths to act for it.
  4. Advocate for the fear-free non-discriminatory enabling environment for all.

Campaign Activities: Starting from independence day (15th August), throughout the 100 days, until its culmination on 26th November (Constitution Day) 2018, various online and offline activities will be organised to raise awareness on non discrimination in various themes, mobilise people to pledge for promoting non discrimination and collect opinions/views on the proposed bill to address discrimination and violence in educational institutions. The campaign will involve following themes but will be open for larger CSOs to join the campaign and add to the themes.

In addition to various marginalised communities the campaign will also revolve around multiple themes:  

  • Identity based discrimination (Caste, Race, Ethnicity, Religion, Gender and disability),
  • Public services like health, education, basic services,
  • Housing and public spaces ,
  • It will explore rights frameworks on non-discrimination, legislations, policies and provisions that prohibit discrimination. ,
  • The SDGs- Leave No One Behind,
  • Youth perceptions, views and education on non discrimination


The campaign will formally end on 26th November with state, district level celebration on constitution day but the spirit of #100 Days Against Discrimination will remain alive with people who will be part of the journey and it will continue to be an annual process to remind and take pledge every year to build India as discrimination free country !!


Contact information:

Amit, NCE India, 9891857747

Chandrakanta, CSEI,   8860973609

Judith Anne, NDMJ-NCDHR, 9811445709

Leslie, NDMJ – NCDHR, 9821527791

Satyendra, NYEF, 8987107760

Tanbir, WNTA, 8376936643



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